I want to live

processing abuse with the therapies of Stettbacher and Jenson


This is not a blog. It is a book. Here I tell the story of my childhood, my twelve years of fruitless search for help through psychiatry and psychotherapy, and the way I solved my problems in the end – totally alone, with the books of J. Konrad Stettbacher and Jean Jenson.

Maybe my story can provide hope and help to someone else, like I found hope and help in the stories of other abused people I read about. And I hope my story will inspire psychotherapists to provide good help to abused patients

The one who abused me, isn’t alive anymore. Other people I write about do still live. Therefore I chose to change all names. People who know me, will nevertheless understand who I am. But this way, I try to give my family some privacy. For me, a blog is an easy way to publish my story anonymously.

I am Dutch and I live in The Netherlands. Writing in English, I may not always use the right words. Nevertheless, I hope you will understand what I’m trying to tell.

For people who can read Dutch: how I am doing from the moment this books stops, you can read on:
And that ís a blog.

2 thoughts on “blog/book

  1. Thank you so much for your story. It has helped me in my work using JK Stettbacher’s 4 Steps. My heart goes out to you for what you have suffered. Your courage and honesty have helped me to confront my own darknesses. Also, your insights into the 4 Step process have help me to make progress (hopefully) in my own practice of the 4 Steps. Thank you and good luck to you in so many ways…

  2. Thanks a lot for this book and all the other resources. I wanted to read the book on my Kindle, and I noticed auto-conversion didn’t work well, so I ended up manually creating an e-book (.epub & .mobi) from this text with Reedsy. It seems to work well and looks like a proper book, has headings for navigation, table of contents etc, and all the different parts of this blog quite well integrated. If someone is still maintaining this blog, perhaps the ebook version could be added here to be downloadable for anyone preferring that way of reading the book? If so, I could email the formatted ebook to whomever is maintaining the website. Thanks and all the best!

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